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Jumping On The Vine-Wagon

written by marie

Vine, the latest and greatest social app, has been gaining a lot of attention since Twitter unveiled it last month. Vine allows people to capture and share stop-motion GIFs as short looping videos. Similar to Twitter’s 140-character text limit, the app is challenging consumers and brands to show their creativity in an extremely short amount of time – six seconds or less.

Quickly growing in popularity, there were over 110,000 Vine clips posted to Twitter in a 48-hour period. Celebrities and consumers are using the app to document recent events like The Oscars and the East Coast snowstorm. Taco Bell made headlines when they used a Vine to announce the arrival date of their highly anticipated Doritos Cool Ranch Taco.

Taco Bell’s popular post on Vine:

@TacoBell It’s out of the bag. Coming March 7th. #CoolRanchDLT

While some brands like Urban Outfitters were quick to jump on the Vine bandwagon. The majority of companies have yet to explore what type of value Vine can potentially add to their digital marketing campaigns.

Urban Outfitters posted this Vine the day the app debuted:

@UrbanOutfitters The most important Vine you’ll ever see. #uodogs

Considering the growing expectations for brands to present consumers with visually appealing content, Vine should continue to gain popularity in the content marketing world.

Currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Twitter has said that they are working to bring it to other platforms as well. Similar to the way Pinterest and Instagram caught on, you are sure to see more brands use Vine in their interactive advertising and marketing campaigns.

I am looking forward to exploring Vine more and seeing how it can be incorporated into Brandmovers social media content as well as our clients’.

In the meantime, check out my first attempt at using Vine:

@MariePhay My life as a #CommunityManager #myfirstvine

Have you started using Vine, yet? How do you see Vine impacting the way brands market themselves in 2013?


When brands become the butt of comedians jokes.

written by Andrew

Unless your brand wants to become the butt of comedians jokes , make sure that you deliver on your promises. The pizza industry is notorious for adding new toppings, crusts, shapes you name it. These tactics highlight just how far a commodity product can be differentiated. Without a doubt some pizzas are better than others, the challenge is how do you communicate this credibly.
Regardless of how loud the advertisements shout (similar to yelling car dealers) one needs to take into account that consumers are not stupid.
This skit emphasizes the extreme product features some brands would have you believe are really possible;

The next time your brand launches a new product, flavor or variation, remember you can fool a few people some of the time, but not everyone all the time. Honest communication and consistency are two of the most essential ingredients for building sustainable brand loyalty.