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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Latin America, Europe and Asia, Brandmovers, Inc. is a leading global digital engagement agency. Brandmovers helps top consumer brand organizations such as Disney, L’Oreal, Nestle and Princess Cruises identify and connect with their most valuable customers utilizing progressive offerings in Digital Promotions, Social Applications and Loyalty Solutions. Brandmovers’ customer-centric approach blends a unique mix of strategy, creative and technology making it easy for brands to acquire, engage and retain consumers.
With a true turnkey solution to digital promotions, Brandmovers is the preferred partner for blue chip brands across America and North America. In fact, we're global too, ask a Brandmovers promotion expert today about promotions that can reach over 200 countries!

A great promotion starts with a great idea. At Brandmovers we’re full of them. We start every project with extensive research, getting to know both your brand and your target market as intimately as you know them; then we push the boundaries creatively until we’ve come up with the one-of-a-kind idea that will bring those particular people to your brand with smiles on their faces.


But make no mistake: we’re not talking about fluffy stuff here. We don’t create promotions for the sake of giving you something to brag about to your CEO; the promotions we create always have a clear business purpose, with tangible goals, and a focus on the hard numbers that will make the campaign a quantifiably undeniable success. Every project is a collaboration, every step of the way; we work hand in hand with you from the onset to craft a promotion that fits your brand like a glove and that gets your CFO as excited as your art department.


Sweepstakes can be one of the most enticing ways to catch your customers’ attention, and to motivate them to do your marketing work for you. We create custom, on-brand sweepstakes tailored to hit your target market where it matters. Nobody knows sweepstakes marketing like Brandmovers; we’re truly full-service, from ideation to execution to administration - even legal.

User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC campaigns are designed to get your customers in on the fun, inspiring them to celebrate and promote your brand with content they create themselves. Photo contests, video competitions, music remixes, user-submitted recipes, design-the-T-shirt, advocacy submissions—the list goes on, and every UGC campaign is totally unique to the brand we’re enlisting their consumers to evangelize.

Social Promotions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and more, we have turnkey technology and solutions that make it easy for your brand to reach your customers. Our proprietary technology comprised of API integrations, single sign ons and communication platforms ensure that your promotion becomes just as social as your customers are. Our promotions experts also stay up to date with the latest changing social promotional policies to keep you up to date and compliant. Whether a hashtag based campaign or micro-site registration based, we have turnkey solutions ready for your brand today.

Mobile Promotions

Digital engagement is about reaching people where they are, whether they’re sitting at their desk or out and about with their iPhone. More and more every day, brands have the opportunity to reach customers at any point throughout the day. Through custom SMS text promotions, Receipt Scanning and other mobile methods, we can help you turn your customers’ smartphones into a powerful new method of connecting them to your brand.

Winner Administration and Fulfillment

Brandmovers offers a turnkey approach to winner administration and prize fulfillment. This includes identifying, randomyl drawing and contacting winners. From a prizing standpoint, we help ideate, procure and fulfill prizes to winners. Whether it is travel, gift cards, cash, merchandise or your own product, our fulfillment team and facilities are ready and able to bring your promotion to life.


A sweepstakes can mean not only a pile of desk and paperwork, but real legal complications as well. Promotions can be a legal minefield. Our legal team will handle all compliance issues for you, on both the state and federal level, and we provide indemnification coverage for every client, just in case. This includes writing rules and regulations, abbreviated rules, affidavits of eligibility, tax forms (1099). Brandmovers also carries over $10MM in promotions liability insurance and Errors & Ommissions insurance to be able to fully indemnify our clients and agency partners. 

Global Promotions

Our services span countries and borders to help you gain efficiencies in multiple markets. From international legal and compliance to language translations and other localization methods, we can help you reach your customers in whichever country they reside.

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