B2C Customer Loyalty Program


A national pet food company wanted to start a customer loyalty program to increase consumer spend on products, build brand affinity and trust, acquire and activate consumer profiles, and educate consumers on pet wellness & nutrition, all within one central loyalty platform. 


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Key Program Highlights


800,000 total active members

75% of members actively engaging and transacting in the program

2M+ points earned since beginning of the program


A national pet food company with an existing loyalty program wanted to expand their program features and enhance the program with new technological capabilities. They were looking for a strategic partner to help develop, design, launch, and manage the  enhanced loyalty platform that would help further attract pet owners and increase engagement and retention among existing members.  


The Challenge

  1. Increase consumer spend on products (repeat purchase, trade up, cross sell, retail-specific activation).
  2. Build brand affinity and trust..
  3. Acquire and activate profiles for consumers.
  4. Educate consumers on cat wellness & nutrition



Using the Brandmovers loyalty platform, the program rewards members for purchases and relational activities.  Customers are awarded points that are redeemable for a catalog of meaningful reward items and customer-specific promotions that encourage ‘leveling up’ to higher tier levels.

Drive Consumer Behavior

The program rewards members for both transactional purchases and desired behaviors such as taking quizzes, consuming content, completing surveys, and more.

Receipt Validation 

Brandmovers’ optimized receipt validation technology transcribed and validated consumer receipts while also capturing insights into other basket items (in many cases, competitor purchases). The client uses these basket insights to build new promotional offers that incentivize purchase behaviors and messaging to keep the brand top of mind.

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Capture Self-Reported Data

The program allowed the brand to generate real customer basket data from self-reported purchase behavior. This enabled them to further understand purchasing context as well as additional information on product groupings and trends.

Dynamic Member Segmentation

Using a newly upgraded KPI dashboard with configurable data visualizations, the client was able to identify consumer groups based on key attributes and create triggered “nudges” (email, in-app/push notifications, SMS, and more) for these dynamic segments that helped increase category lift and basket size.

Targeted Member Engagement 

An enhanced creative promotions builder within the platform allowed the client to insert gamification into the loyalty program and launch value-add promotions such as flash sales or limited-time auctions to keep members engaged and invested in the brand.



The loyalty program allowed the brand to develop more detailed single-view of their customers by connecting and collecting data directly from the end-customer, and not having to rely solely on data from third-party retailers.

  • 800,000 active members 
  • 2+ Million points earned since the beginning of the program
  • 5% member increase in Year One
  • 75% of members are actively engaging / transacting
  • 15% overall increase in Member Sales

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