Explore our next-generation customer loyalty and digital promotions resources to help drive your business success.  

What Is Relational Loyalty?

Loyalty programs have changed - and so has loyalty strategy. Discover the new approach to building customer loyalty and how it helps companies to succeed. 

Loyalty Programs In The Transit Industry

Insider view into the current state of rider loyalty for the public transit industry, and the different opportunities and challenges loyalty programs can bring. 

Enhanced Guide to Loyalty KPIs

Want to get better at measuring customer loyalty? Download our expanded guide to understanding loyalty program KPI themes and evaluating program performance metrics.

Making A Successful Financial Services Loyalty Program

Discover the top features of great financial loyalty programs and how financial providers can build customer loyalty. 

Guide To Loyalty Communication Strategy

An overview to creating a loyalty communication strategy using triggered communications and integrations

How Loyalty Rewards Help Drive Customer Engagement

Learn how loyalty and incentive programs rewards can help drive customer-brand engagement beyond the transactional. 

Using A Tiered Approach To Loyalty Programs

Tiered programs are key to building customer loyalty. Find out why and learn the best methods for incorporating tiers into loyalty program design. 

Your Guide To Loyalty KPIs

A complete guide to the most common loyalty key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to track and analyze the data. 

Best Practices For Loyalty Programs

Discover the elements of a truly great loyalty program and learn how to build your own.