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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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Customer Loyalty Resources

The destination for customer loyalty guides, ebooks, reports, and more. 




From loyalty program design to rewards strategy, we have insights for all the tips, trends, and best practices you need to boost your customer loyalty marketing game. 


Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs

Discover how investing in a customer loyalty program can deliver real value and ROI back to your brand.


Brandmovers Promotions Toolkit

Download our Promotions Toolkit to learn more about the types of promotions we offer, how we work with brands and agencies, view case study examples, and more.


7 Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program

Discover 7 strategies you can use to get higher visibility and raise awareness for your loyalty program.


2023 Customer Loyalty Trends

Find out what's in store for brands when it comes to customer loyalty and retention in 2023, from redesigning loyalty programs to strategically utilizing brand communities.


The Strategic Guide To Starting A B2B Loyalty Program

Here are six strategic questions to help you get started when building a branded B2B loyalty or incentives program.


The Business Case For Smarter Incentives

Ready to refresh your B2B incentive and loyalty strategies? This whitepaper takes you step-by-step through how designing smarter B2B incentive and loyalty programs leads to higher gains and ROI.


Lottery Loyalty Program Guide: Top Features and Capabilities

Find out how a well-designed, highly-flexible and integrated loyalty program makes it easier for lotteries to connect with audiences and build deeper player loyalty.

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Why Incorporating Gamification Will Help Boost Your Loyalty Program

Discover how gamification can enhance and enrich your loyalty program experience.

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How To Drive Ongoing Engagement In Your Loyalty Program

Want to get your customers more engaged in your loyalty program? Check out this guide to loyalty program engagement.

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How To Support And Market Loyalty Program Enrollments

Learn how to support and market your loyalty program so you can increase program enrollments and drive more customer conversions.

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Driving Ridership Recovery

Learn how loyalty programs can help transit agencies increase ridership and grow rider retention post-pandemic.

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Five Pitfalls Of Program Design

If you're looking to revamp an existing program or embarking on a completely new build, be sure to avoid these major pitfalls during your journey through program design.

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Enhanced Guide to Loyalty KPIs

Want to get better at measuring customer loyalty? Download our expanded guide to understanding loyalty program KPI themes and evaluating program performance metrics.


Looking for more resources? 

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