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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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- Loyalty For CPG Brands -

Grow repeat sales and build strong customer relationships

CPG-focused loyalty and rewards programs help CPG brands collect valuable retailer and distributor data, drive sales revenue, and create strong direct-to-consumer relationships. 


Customer Loyalty Technology Built For CPG Brands

Instead of relying on retailer partners for distribution and customer access, the Brandmovers customer loyalty platform makes it easier for CPG brands to connect and engage directly with end customers.

Brands can seamlessly capture customer shopping data, target new audiences, and create personalized customer experiences that lead to long-lasting brand loyalty.

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Leverage Valuable Customer Data

Access to first–party consumer data has always been a major challenge; that's why our loyalty programs are designed to capture actionable data directly from core customers.

Brandmovers' proprietary receipt validation technology allows for proof–of–purchase upload across multiple channels and uses machine learning capabilities to identify and breakdown patterns in consumer purchase behaviors — giving you the detailed insights you need to create better, more targeted offers and promotions.

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Connect & Engage with Customers

For CPG brands the key to building stronger and more valuable relationships with customers is by finding opportunities to interact outside of transactions.

A customer loyalty program allows you to create non-transactional customer engagement and earning opportunities in the lifestyle areas where your brand already organically participates — such as health food brands rewarding customers for fitness tracker activity. 

Our loyalty platform's customizable points engine allows you to easily create, activate, and manage point-earning rules for actions and behaviors such as sharing digital content, participating in brand-related events, and much more.

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Communicate With Ease

Loyalty programs make it easy to establish two-way communication channels with your best customers so you naturally stay top of mind in their day-to-day lives.

You can create triggered messaging and push alerts to tell customers about reward redemption deadlines, offer expiration dates, or limited-time opportunities with vendor partners. Geo-location technology enables you to create highly targeted offers for specific customer groups or retailer locations.

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Drive Customer Actions With Rewards

Discounts alone do not create customer loyalty. Using valuable loyalty program rewards and member benefits you can incentivize specific customer actions and behaviors that motivate repeat purchasing and develop customer-brand affinity.  

Brandmover's global rewards catalog and rewards management system enables CPG brands to offer more customized, appealing physical and digital rewards options for their customers at low cost.

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Discover how we help the world's top brands accelerate their customer acquisition and engagement. 


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