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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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- B2B Loyalty -

Loyalty & incentive solutions for B2B companies

Drive channel engagement, increase customer retention, and unlock data-driven benefits with an  innovative B2B loyalty and incentive program. 

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Trusted by brands worldwide

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Why invest in a B2B incentive and loyalty program? 

Market Share

B2B programs are great for delivering personal value to the people most capable of delivering incremental growth to your brand.


Loyalty and incentive programs increase emotional connections by valuing the entire relationship lifecycle, not just during a transaction. 


First-party data is a "gold mine" asset, and loyalty and incentive programs obtain actionable customer and reseller data. 


More B2B brands are including loyalty in their growth strategies


Amidst growing global competition and evolving customer trends, it’s more important than ever for B2B companies to find ways to differentiate themselves. More B2B companies and buying groups are looking for ways to attract & retain with their audiences, increase efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge while driving their business goals. 

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Brandmovers offers modular and scalable industrial loyalty solutions for every type of B2B brand

Built for B2B industrial businesses, our enterprise and B2B SaaS loyalty offerings help B2B brands across the globe solve major pain points and challenges they face today. 

  Eliminate administrative challenges of manual processes

  Drive deeper relationships with the entire channel to better understand their needs for product, service, and support. 

  Develop programs that increase purchase frequency, share of wallet and retention while gaining insights about end-user purchasing behavior

Access data analytics tools that provide real-time, dynamic reporting on the entire channel.

 Easily create and launch multiple templated Brand/Category/SKU/Product-based promotions that can be deployed quickly 

Provide customer experiences and services that help differentiate the business from other competitors


Provide valuable rewards, rebates, & partner incentives

Create a rewards or rebate system with earning opportunities and offers tailored specifically for your channel partners, distributors, and end-customers.

Our offer management platform also allows you to incorporate rewards and deals with vendor partners, giving your program members the maximum amount of value for their loyal purchases and actions.

VIP perks

Customize your program rules structure to support multi-faceted promotional bonuses

Points Rules

Allows members to customize point logic based on levels, customers, brands, product categories, etc.

Sales Brand Rules

Allows members to vary their point logic by the brands they sell. Brands can be individually used or combined into different groups based on member requirements.

Growth Rules

Allows members to reward their end customers for sales growth over a fixed period of time. Growth can be measured in various ways, based on percentage or fixed amount, while rewards can vary based on level or growth rate. 

Sale Type Rules

Allows members to reward orders processed by certain methods at a higher rate than others. If online orders are more important to you than phone or fax, you can set those orders to be worth more points.


Level Up Rules

Allows members to create levels based on sales volumes of their end customers. Customers will automatically move up level as required volumes are attained.



Strategic Guide To Starting A B2B Loyalty Program

Building a branded B2B loyalty or channel incentives program doesn't have to be complicated. This guide outlines the six major questions to consider when designing your future B2B loyalty program.


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