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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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- Data-Driven Insights -

Loyalty Program Analytics and Reporting Dashboards

Our customer loyalty platform analytics and reporting technology makes capturing and understanding consumer data simple and easy.


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Use loyalty program data to drive actions



Real-Time Reporting

Automation capabilities remove the need for manual data uploads and provide 24/7 access to real-time performance data and database activity.

Simple Data Visualizations

Easily view complex data in clear and organized data visualizations and graphics. 

Configurable Analytics Reporting

Our configurable technology lets you create tailored reporting dashboards to support specific users, groups, or teams. 

Loyalty platform analytics modules - points economy, monthly new membership summary, and peak engagement report

Free Guide

Enhanced Loyalty Program KPI Guide

Download our guide to better track and analyze customer loyalty program data, and develop a deeper understanding of your loyalty program performance. 

  • Discover 4 main loyalty program KPI categories
  • Learn to track customer loyalty program attribution and ROI 
  • Explore easy-to-understand breakdowns of different customer loyalty program KPI formulas and explanations

Discover Customer Loyalty Program Analytics That Work For You

We offer the full spectrum of data analysis capabilities, from standard loyalty program performance reports to custom analytics dashboards for specific data or user sets. Some of our loyalty program analytics report types include: 

User Progress Displays

Data visualizations such as infographics or leaderboards shows users their program accomplishments including badges, tiers, levels, completed challenges, etc

Member Reporting

In-depth breakdown of member user data including member demographics,
tiers/level segmentation, active vs. inactive members, account balances, engagement behaviors, and more

Interactive Goal Visualizations

Interactive trackers and calculators let users manipulate data to identify goals and different earning opportunities.

Campaign Analysis Dashboards

In-platform interface allows you to track program campaign performances and measure results including visits, enrollments, spend, referrals, and more.

Robust KPI Reports

Easily access your Key Performance Indicators like Repeat Purchase Rate, Customer Lifetime Value, Net Promoter Score, Customer Retention Rate, and more.

Transaction & Redemption Reports

Completely view all transactional program data including number of transactions, UPC/QR/Image submissions, item upload-to-redemption ratio, and much more.

Digital Experience Metrics

Gain intuitive user experience insights with reports on average site time, total visits, traffic sources, social media activity, content engagement (photos, videos, comments), and other metrics.

Offer Activations & Redemptions

Launch and monitor all active program or partner offers and their statistical breakdown of activations, redemptions, and awarded points/miles/etc. 

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Stay protected with industry-leading security & compliance

Our team has decades of experience securing and protecting online programs. We've developed our techniques and technology for proactively detecting and filtering out fraud so we can ensure the integrity of your users' personal information. We are SOC 2 compliant and have the ability to offer PCI Compliance as well. 

  • PCI Compliant Guidelines + Ability 
  • Fraud Monitoring & Detection
  • IP Detection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Backgrounds Checks
  • Address Verification
  • Data Encryption

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