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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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 - Loyalty Program Engagement & Promotions -

Improve conversions and drive results through strategic customer engagement

Engaging customer experiences help increase active member participation rates in a loyalty or rewards program by encouraging and rewarding customers for both their behaviors and their purchases. 



Customer-Centric Loyalty Program Design

At Brandmovers our experience has proven that long-lasting, revenue-driving customer loyalty is formed nurturing emotional connections between brands and their customers. As such we always  approach user-experience design with two goals in mind: ensuring the program aligns with brand values while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, and incorporating emotional levers that build customer connections with the brand. 

First Contact

First Engagement

Repeat Engagement

Relational Engagement

Loyalty Engagement


Easily build and launch value-add promotions that keep customers invested in your brand

Brandmovers' enhanced Promotions Toolbox lets you quickly generate and deploy templated customer campaigns that can be tied to specific products or offered to dynamic user groups:

  • Sweepstakes
  • SKU/Product-specific promotions
  • Member Anniversaries/Birthday promotions
  • Registration Bonuses
  • Referral Programs
  • Marketing Promotions
  • New Product Trial Offers
  • Hashtag Promotions

You can run multiple promotions at once while utilizing a built-in CMS to push out promotional banners and triggered communications that raise customer awareness. 

New point earning rule builder module for customer loyalty program

User Engagement KPIs

Track real-time customer engagement with enhanced loyalty program analytics reporting

Improving customer engagement to increase ROI starts with understanding how users interact with your loyalty program. Brandmovers offers Engagement KPIs-specific analytics reports that provide user engagement insights across channels, products, member groups, and more, including:

  • Logins, page visits, device usage
  • Enrollment trend line or bar chart showing rolling 12 months
  • Member engagement by status and by demographic
  • Top product and partners
  • Inactive members by segment/group
  • Up or down Tier Mobility of members by revenue, transactions, etc.
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Offer more interactive and immersive customer experiences with dynamic engagement modules


Take the worry out of keeping your loyalty program fresh and exciting for users. Brandmovers' loyalty platform provides multiple kinds of customer engagement and promotional modules you can use to nurture customers at every stage of the buyer's journey.


Design custom dashboards, analytics, leaderboards, progress trackers, and more that create an interactive experience while increasing engagement and visibility. 

Missions & Challenges

Consumers earn recognitions, rewards, or points for completing activity-based missions or challenges such as posting on social channels, product registrations, successful referrals, and more. 

Game Boards 

Dynamic game boards such as Bingo, Spin-to-win, or Scratch-offs lets customers redeem points for chances to play and unlock more rewards. Users can earn points or play chances by taking specific actions, completing tasks, or reaching milestones. 

UGC Contests

Photo, video, or essay contests enable brands to showcase their customers' creativity while also gaining high-quality UGC to share across digital channels.

Polls & Quizzes

Polls, quizzes, and surveys keep users connected to the program while also providing brands with valuable first-party data for use in segmentation and personalization. 


Publicly reward and recognize customer accomplishments, milestones, shared brand values, and more with personalized badges or certificates. Badges are manually awarded on an individual basis or automatically distributed based on set rules and trigger criteria. 


Ideal for driving program enrollments, sweepstakes also generate engagement by allowing members to redeem loyalty points for extra entries to win. 

Auctions & Flash Sales 

Program-exclusive auctions or flash sales can drive engagement and spend among high-balance customers. Auctions can be built with custom prizing, quantities, timing, and starting bids, and easily targeted to specific customer segments or groups. 


Modular Toolkit

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences using member segmentation tools

Using our dynamic query builder brands can run and test the effectiveness of segmented offers, communications, and promotions for targeted member groups. 

Configurable data visualization makes it simple to identify consumer groups based on key attributes and create triggered “nudges” (email, in-app/push notifications, SMS, and more) that increase category lift and basket size.

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