Brandmovers B2B SaaS Loyalty Platform

Attract, engage, and retain your most loyal customers, channel partners, and stakeholders using a flexible and scalable B2B Loyalty Platform.

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Utilize Across The Entire Channel


Power sales growth, increase customer retention, and discover new opportunities to build valuable buyer and customer relationships. 


Attract customers, incentivize purchases, and collect key insights into the product, service, and support needs of your customer base. 

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Buying Groups

Create value-offerings and promotional programs for dealers and distributors that increase purchase frequency, share of wallet, and retention. 

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Sales Teams

Enable your sales force to succeed with a B2B reward program that strategically drives product sales performance and incentivizes on-going product training and learning. 


Activate Channel Partners And Internal Stakeholders

No matter how complex your channel map may be, the Brandmovers B2B Loyalty Platform provides you with full visibility of your entire channel from suppliers to distributors to end-customers. Connect, engage, and incentivize your partners and customers within an integrated and customizable platform.

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Differentiate Your Brand

Build brand recognition that helps you stand out from competitors while offering enticing rewards, incentives, and program benefits that encourage the purchase of your products and services. 



Drive Growth Through Actionable Insights

Powering success through data has never been easier. Collect, understand, and utilize new customer data insights to help drive more strategic decision making and reach your biggest business objectives.


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Build Customer Relationships That Lead To Advocacy

Go beyond just rewards by providing a complete value-driven customer experience for your entire channel. Identify and engage customers at multiple touch points along the buyer journey, and deliver the right benefits, products, and services that fulfill their needs and inspire long-lasting customer loyalty. 


Customizable and Scalable B2B SaaS Platform

Utilize core loyalty tools and features that help you sell and market to B2B channel partners and customers both digitally and remotely. 


Branded B2B Loyalty Program 

Create a loyalty program that motivates your audiences to action

  • White-labeled platform and custom URLs let you customize your program’s look and feel to completely fit your brand guidelines.
  • Run multiple concurrent programs that drive your goals.

  • Create tailored budgeting structures for any level of user groups or tiers.

  • Modular technology allows for ongoing additions of new features and enhancements after program launch.

Easy To Scale

Start with an effective base platform that is built to adapt, grow, and scale as your business does.

Quick To Launch

Flexible platform design allows for faster program deployment with full access to all program features. 

Deliver ROI

Accelerate the impact of your sales and marketing initiatives, and build momentum around efforts that directly contribute to your bottom line.


Rules Engine

Create and deploy dynamic rules structure and multifaceted promotions based on your objectives with the click of a button

Complete ownership of your program’s earning structure allows you to build out points rules logic that aligns with your business model. Our platform allows for configurable Earn Accrual Points Logic based on brand, SKU, Product ID, as well as both transactional and non-transactional actions. 

Points Rules

Allows members to customize their point logic based on levels, customers, brands, product categories as well as individual item level detail.

Sales Brands Rules

Allows members to vary their point logic by the brands they sell. Brands can be individually used or combined into different groups based on member requirements

Growth Rules

Allows members to reward their end customers for sales growth over a fixed period of time. Growth can be measured in various ways, based on percentage or fixed amount, while rewards can vary based on level or growth rate. 

Sales Type Rules

Allows members to reward orders processed by certain methods at a higher rate than others. If online orders are more important to you than phone or fax, you can set those orders to be worth more points.

Level Up Rules

Allows members to create levels based on sales volumes of their end customers. Customers will automatically move up level as required volumes are attained.



Smoothly implement and manage complex hierarchies

The Brandmovers B2B Loyalty Platform was designed specifically for B2B companies and easily handles complex channel mapping. 

  • Incorporate internal hierarchies and customer hierarchies using Parent/Child relationships, permission-based logic, program tiers, and other settings. 
  • Multiple Login feature lets you set up custom user permissions within shared accounts for managing catalog redemptions, viewing & editing other users, or sending and receiving customer communications.
  • Create, define, and build out dynamically segmented user groups for pilot programs, A/B testing, delivering hyper-targeted messaging and promotions, and more. 


LMS features

Communication Hub

Build stronger brand-customer relationships through consistent and relevant communications

  • Easily manage all your templated triggered communications and calendars within the backend experience.
  • Integrate with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Bronco, and ExactTarget.
  • Announcements module lets you spread the word for new programs, community events, product or process updates, new initiatives, trainings, company news, and more.
  • Recognize and reward users for updating their profiles, providing preferences, and updating their contact information.
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Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time dynamic analytics data to help you make more informed decisions

Our intuitive admin dashboard and reporting modules lets you drill down sales data by specific categories, brands, or users to reveal key customer insights. Standard reporting on all issuances, transactional data and history, orders, point balances, login activity, and budgets make it easy to assess program status. 

Based on the KPIs and program drivers determined, Brandmovers can produce and configure custom dashboards, analytics, reports, graphs, etc. specifically for administrators and managers to use for actionable insights.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Intuitive KPI dashboards display data such as sales by brand, average customer spend, customer purchases by pieces, and more.

Industry-Specific Reports

Access pre-built industry-specific reports at the click of a button including sales summary growth, sales earnings data, and Executive-level reports. 

Promotional Analytics

Track and measure the success of customer promotions and other initiatives you set up within the platform. 

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Rewards Catalog

Our dynamic rewards catalog features over 20,000 engaging rewards, experiences, items, ensuring every member can redeem for rewards they truly want. 

  • Automated rewards fulfillment delivers rewards directly to participants.
  • Triggered email confirmations and shipping notifications keeps users updated on reward status.
  • Tie front-end website banners to curated reward catalog selections for specific user promotions or events.
  • Brandmovers in-house support team manages customer service inquiries, and 30-day returns and exchanges.
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Integrations & SSO

Brandmovers actively partners and routinely integrates with 3rd-party systems such as Profit 21, Netsuite, Salesforce and many others. Our open API and pre-built endpoints allow for triggered point earnings, automated recognitions, and a more streamlined user experience.

  • Seamlessly push and pull data from other systems such as learning platforms (LMS), training & safety, attendance (HCM), performance, or sales (CRM or ERP) to connect your channel and keep users engaged. 
  • Utilize either API interface (real-time) or Secure File Transfer (batch processing)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities help streamline enrollment and increase participation using SAML 2.0 or JWT

Brandmovers provides B2B businesses with a full suite of loyalty expertise and services that deliver results 

Your Loyalty Partner

Brandmovers takes you beyond one-size-fits-all approach to loyalty by working to create custom solutions that address your biggest business challenges and keeps your brand at the forefront. 

Account Management

Experienced project & account management teams dedicated to your program success every step of the way, from onboarding to implementation to post-launch program execution.

Engagement & Gamification

Strategically drive member engagement and actions for specific goals using activity modules such as scratch-offs, surveys, polls, contests, gameboards, instant wins, auctions, bingo, and more. 

Strategy & ROI

We ensure your program is financially sustainable and healthy by tactically monitoring and tracking program performance, and providing ongoing strategic support and planning services. 

Marketing Services

Promote your program and equip your DSRs to enroll their customers using  customizable marketing kits that include templates for website banners, emails, program info sheets, and more.

Security & Fraud Monitoring

Set system flags, limits, and checks in place to minimize fraud and program abuse. 

Ready To Accelerate Your B2B Customer Loyalty?