Customizable B2B Loyalty and Incentive Platform


Attract, reward, and retain your most loyal customers using a flexible and scalable B2B loyalty program. 

B2B Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Solutions For B2B Companies


The Brandmovers B2B loyalty platform enables your business to stand out from competitors, connect with end-customers, and incentivize long-lasting customer loyalty. 



Motivate cross-selling. Increase touch-points. Build wallet share and retention. Whatever's driving you, we ensure your B2B loyalty program supports your objectives and meets your goals. 



Our modular B2B loyalty program software provides you with the flexibility to hand-pick the loyalty platform tools and technology best suited for your unique business and customers.



Easily customized and quick to implement, we get your B2B loyalty and rewards program to launch faster than the industry average.

Build B2B Customer Loyalty And Affinity

Our integrated and scalable loyalty platform provides you with a full suite of B2B loyalty marketing tools and services, empowering you to create two-way customer connections that drive higher value and repeat purchases. 

Customizable Points Engine

Drive sales growth by incentivizing the right end-user behaviors. With our flexible points engine you can customize the structure and points rules logic for your loyalty program, and set unique earning structures and goals for different user segments. 

Analytics Dashboards

Dynamic reporting and analytics modules allows you to segment your loyalty program data via region, team, department, products, etc. to get more in-depth performance insights for distributors and end-customers.

Communications Hub

Connect to users through web, email, SMS, and mobile channels. Set up triggered communications, create useful and relevant messaging, and deploy new campaigns.

Loyalty Management Software

Robust and flexible backend tools make it easy to build and manage user groups/tiers, promote product categories, set permission levels, create personalized offers, access channel data, monitor goal tracking, and more. 

Receipt Validation Technology

Submit receipts & invoices via email, SMS, site upload, POS data, etc. Our proprietary validation technology offers real-time receipt validation and utilizes machine learning to provide user behavior insights that help drive decisions. 

Optimized B2B Rewards & Incentives

Motivate customers with valuable, targeted B2B rewards and incentives options such as rebates, physical & digital rewards from our 20,000+ catalog, company products or merchandise, and more.

Utilize For Any Objective

Channel Incentives
Create value-offerings and promotional programs for dealers and distributors that increase purchase frequency, share of wallet, and retention. 

Sales Incentives
Enable your sales force to succeed with a B2B reward program that strategically drives product sales performance and incentivizes on-going product training and learning. 

Attract new customers, incentivize purchases, and collect valuable insights into the product, service, and support needs of your user base. 

Ready To Transform Your B2B Customer Loyalty?