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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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Brandmovers Enterprise Customer Loyalty Platform

Reward your customers, deliver more engaging experiences, and build more profitable and long-lasting customer relationships with the BLOYL™ customer loyalty platform. 



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Trusted by brands worldwide

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One Platform.

Multiple Solutions.

Powerful Results. 

BLOYL empowers brands to design and deliver highly rewarding, personalized customer experiences with ease and at scale.

BLOYL's loyalty platform technology is built from interconnected solutions that work seamlessly together to help marketers attract, engage, and nurture customers with every interaction. 

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Deliver dynamic customer experiences that power your brand growth, all with the

BLOYL™ Enterprise Customer Loyalty Platform


Rewards Catalog

Utilize the right loyalty program rewards to drive your goals

Personalized rewards and perks are how you can stand out from competitors and ensure customers feel appreciated by your brand. Brandmovers's proprietary loyalty rewards catalog offers over 50,000+ items and allows you to provide customized rewards such as branded merchandise, donations, and more. 

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Content Management System

Create the experiences that will keep your customers coming back

Our customer loyalty platform’s robust backend content management system lets you easily create, edit, and deploy content using pre-built templates. Publish branded static pages, banners, forms, surveys, quizzes, and more. 

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Promotions Hub

Build engaging promotions that help maximize customer value

Our modular Promotions Toolbox equips you with a variety of consumer promotions to activate and engage your audiences. Customer segmentation tools let you apply transactional and behavioral data to create targeted promotions tied to specific products, user groups, retailers, and more, boosting their impact and performance. 

Manage everything in one loyalty platform: our connected solutions allow you to deploy a promotion, tap into the CMS to push out promotional banners, and send member communications to drive awareness. 

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Analytics & Reporting Hub

Capture and unlock customer data insights for decision-making 

Loyalty programs collect vast amounts of zero- and first-party data, yet typically brands fail to tap into a significant percentage of captured data.

BLOYL's dynamic reporting and analytics dashboards give you more in-depth, actionable insights into customer purchase patterns, shopping trends, user behaviors and preferences, and more.  Easy-to-digest data visualizations enable you to quickly apply new learnings toward optimizing your sales and marketing strategies.


Brand KPIs

Track loyalty program specific data points like customer acquisition & retention rates, acquisition quality, revenue lift, earnings, liability, and more. 

Engagement KPIs

Identify key customer engagement trends such as enrollment numbers, top products or partners, tier movement, and member data such as status, location, and demographics.

Points Economy KPIs

Understand your loyalty program's points economy and performance by tracking Earn (transactions, YTD points, earn rate, etc.) Burn (redemptions and burn rate), and Points Liability. 


Loyalty Rules Engine & Dynamic Query Builder

Infuse 1:1 personalization into every touchpoint of the customer journey

Our flexible points engine gives you full control over your loyalty program's earnings rules so you can encourage and reward the right customer behaviors and actions.

Give your customers a more personalized loyalty experience using a dynamic groups query builder to create member group segments and run custom offers, communications, and promotions.

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One-Stop Platform For Loyalty And Promotions

With BLOYL™ marketers can deploy templated sweepstakes, instant wins, contests, and offers to both loyalty program members and non-members.  Deliver highly targeted engagement campaigns based on consumer attributes and historical activity, and combine them with coupons, offers, and rebate opportunities to drive true brand loyalty. 
Sweepstakes & Instant Wins

Used as both standalone promotions and as a burn mechanic for loyalty members, instant wins and sweepstakes help drive customer enrollment and engagement. 

Surprise & Delight

Surprise & delights events support ongoing engagement among your most valuable customers. Reward them with special offers, opportunities, or perks for being highly engaged.

User-Generated Content

Boost social engagement and reach by rewarding users for submitting content like videos and photos. 

Hashtag Aggregation

Hashtag aggregation campaigns utilize social channels to encourage consumer action, such as new product trials, CRM acquisition, or program enrollment.

Incentivized Engagements

Ongoing incentivized engagements provide more personalized experiences and new perks for loyalty members, such as redeeming points for contest entries. 

Learn more about how we help brands design and execute consumer promotions and drive customer engagement. 



BLOYL™ integrates with the tech and tools you love 

Our customer loyalty program software seamlessly and securely integrates with the technology and systems in your tech stack to give you a complete 360° viewpoint of your customers. 

BLOYL's loyalty API architecture allows for integration with any CRM, ERP, App, and internal system to expand your capabilities and take advantage of actionable loyalty data.

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Secure Data Management

Stay protected with industry-leading security & compliance

Our team has decades worth of experience securing and protecting online programs. We've developed our own techniques and technology for proactively detecting and filtering out fraud so we can ensure the integrity of your users' personal information. We are SOC 2 compliant and have the ability to offer PCI Compliance as well. 

  • PCI Compliant Guidelines + Ability 
  • Fraud Monitoring & Detection
  • IP Detection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Backgrounds Checks
  • Address Verification
  • Data Encryption
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Communications Hub

Send relevant and engaging loyalty program communications 

Make your loyalty marketing more organized and effective. Our loyalty platform's built-in Communications Hub lets you develop and distribute relevant member communications across multiple channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, and more. Using built-in automation tools you can create triggered communications that nurture customer relationships by delivering the right messages at key touchpoints.

Our customer loyalty platform's comprehensive communications templates are strategically designed to keep members active with welcome emails & progress updates, program news, triggered transactional emails, and more. 

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Launch an enterprise customer loyalty program that delivers real results

BLOYL™ is designed to provide you with the right loyalty software, services, and expertise to build a strong loyalty & incentive experience that grows your business.

Dedicated Partner

We go beyond one-size-fits-all loyalty programs by identifying and designing solutions that fit your needs and solve your biggest business challenges. 

Account Management

Our experienced project & account management teams proactively work with you every step of the way to implement and launch successful loyalty programs.

Strategy & ROI

We ensure your customer loyalty program is financially sustainable and healthy by tactically monitoring loyalty program performance and providing ongoing strategic support.

Loyalty Marketing Services

Easily promote your loyalty program and enroll customers with customizable loyalty marketing kits with templates for website banners, emails, program info sheets, and more.

Security & Fraud Monitoring

Built-in security measures protect loyalty program data and customer data, and allow you to set system flags, limits, and checks to minimize fraud and program abuse. 

Program Engagement & Gamification

Drive desirable customer activity and behaviors with engagement & gamification modules such as scratch-offs, surveys, polls, contests, gameboards, instant wins, auctions, bingo, and more. 

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Learn more about how our customer loyalty programs can elevate your business and cultivate a dedicated customer community with strategies that enhance customer engagement and retention.


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