Lottery Loyalty and Rewards Programs

A customizable lottery loyalty and rewards program gives you all the tools you need to connect and engage customers, and create a world-class experience that transforms your player loyalty. 

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Easily Build, Deploy, & Manage Promotions 

Our modular Promotions Builder gives you the ability to quickly deploy templated promotions including sweepstakes, new product trials, and more. Using rule-based gamification tools you can create customized promotions that are tied to specific player groups or segments based on criteria such as program tier or product SKU.

A user-friendly CMS gives you full administrative control over promotional messaging and banners, promotion start/end dates, drawing winners, member data management, importing/exporting analytics reports, and more. 


Increase Player Data Capture & Insights 

Dramatically expand the amount of transactional and non-transactional zero-party player data you can capture and utilize than ever before. Our loyalty program supports extensive retail sales capture, making it possible to collect purchase data from point-of-sales (POS) systems, clerk-operated lottery terminals, self-service lottery vending machines, and more, all with a single player member ID.

With in-depth analytics dashboards and custom reporting, you can get a more accurate and detailed understanding of your players, from the products they purchase to the retail locations they frequent. 

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Expand & Enhance The Player Experience 

Create a more entertaining and engaging player experience by rewarding players for more than just transactions. On top of being rewarded for lottery purchases, players also able to earn points for activities such as: participating in second-chance promotions or games; referring friends & family; completing surveys, polls, or quizzes; birthdays or anniversaries; consuming content, and more.

Our platform easily connects with CRMs, ESPs, marketing automation tools, etc., allowing you to create a true omnichannel player experience across multiple touchpoints. 

Case Study

See how a lottery agency launched a player loyalty program to get more in-depth data insights into player behavior and demographics.  

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Flexible & Customizable Loyalty Platform 

The Brandmovers loyalty platform is a modular, scalable, and easily configurable solution that helps you deliver the right experiences and engagements that build player loyalty. 

Our platform is specifically built to let you design your loyalty program based on your specific needs and objectives. Combining a highly flexible and customizable front-end with an intuitive, user-friendly back-end, we make it easy for you to bring your player loyalty ideas to life. 

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Seamlessly Tie Your Loyalty Program to Your Lottery Ecosystem

Brandmovers enables you to launch a standalone loyalty program that fits seamlessly as part of your data lake without interfering with your other systems. Our platform works in conjunction with your existing systems to share program and player data without having to replace any of your existing technologies or be merged to the system itself. This allows your loyalty program to easily push and pull data across multiple sources while remaining independent from your data warehouse.

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Offer More Personalized and Valuable Player Rewards

With a customizable rewards experience, our loyalty platform empowers you to provide more personalized player rewards and incentives. 

Our extensive rewards catalog offers more than 10,000+ physical and digital rewards, and includes options such as experiential rewards, branded merchandise, exclusive events, and more. You can also enable players to use their points for a number of redemption options, such as using points to pay for game plays, sweepstakes entries, or donating points to lottery-supported charitable causes.

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