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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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- Tiered Loyalty & Rewards - 

Maximize customer engagement and retention with tiered loyalty programs


Identify your best customers and grow customer retention with a tiered loyalty or rewards program that provides increasingly better perks in exchange for purchases and engagement actions.  

Loyalty program tiers allow you separate customers according to their levels of loyalty
Easily Identify & Segment Customers

Loyalty program tiers naturally segment customers by activity and spending levels, and can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, buying habits, and engagement. 

Loyalty program tiers provide opportunities for deeper customer engagement beyond purchases.
Reward Incremental Behaviors

Don't just pay out for purchases - drive meaningful customer engagement by rewarding high-value customer behaviors and actions that help strengthen brand affinity. 

Tiers can help offset the costs of offering high-value loyalty program rewards and benefits
Increase Financial Sustainability

A tiered program makes managing costs and liability easier by letting you allocate benefits and rewards to specific tiers while reserving premium services for high-spending VIP customers. 

customer churn reduction
Reduce Customer Churn Rates

As customers progress through tiers, the desire to keep their earned perks and benefits increases their commitment to the brand and reduces the risk of customer churn.

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How a tiered loyalty program benefits your brand

Tiers enhance the quality of your loyalty program by giving it a sophisticated structure that motivates customers to stay active and engaged.  

Rules Customization

Easily create and configure custom tiering rules and qualifications for specific criteria, such as yearly spend or points earned. 

Personalized Communication

Send member communications such as benefit usage summaries & reminders, bonus or level-up opportunities, and program news.  

Campaign Targeting

Use tier segmentation data to create campaigns for every customer type, from first-time buyers to longtime VIPs. 

Allocate Benefits & Perks

Assign specific member benefits and perks to program tiers where they'll be most effective. 

Branded Look & Feel

Design program tiers to fit your unique brand using customizable color schemes, naming, etc. 

Awards & Recongitions

Build custom achievement awards and recognition badges for member milestones and successful tier progression. 

Elevating Customer Loyalty with Tiered Programs - 2023 (1)

Loyalty program design that is backed by science

Behavioral science has shown that a tiered loyalty program structure helps build long-lasting customer loyalty on an emotional level. Achieving a special status or rank makes members feel recognized by the brand while achieving incremental benefits creates anticipation and gratification.

With a tiered loyalty program, you can make a customer experience that is more data-driven, valuable, and enjoyable across all audiences.

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