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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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Create Customer Experiences That Power Business Growth

Increase customer retention and elevate your marketing efficiency with Brandmovers' award-winning promotions and loyalty programs. 


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Brandmovers is a global leader in developing and executing engaging loyalty programs and promotions that create genuine connections between brands and their most valuable customers. 


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All the tools and services you need to connect and engage customers with confidence 

Brandmovers' turnkey and scalable technology helps brands maximize their marketing efficiency by putting customer retention and engagement at the center of their brand ecosystem. 

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Loyalty and promotions that work for your business


Enterprise Loyalty


All-in-one enterprise loyalty platform that fuels your relationship marketing


Our BLOYL Platform lets you create, optimize, and deliver engaging customer experiences that will delight your audiences, grow customer retention, and increase the bottom line with each interaction. 


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B2B Loyalty


B2B SaaS loyalty platform

With our configurable and scalable SaaS platform, B2B clients can access and utilize core loyalty solutions and customer engagement tools that help them sell and market to channel partners and customers.

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Incentivized Engagements

Consumer Promotions 

From instant wins to sweepstakes to contests, we create interactive and entertaining digital promotions with proven ROI for brands looking for new ways to engage their customers. 

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Trusted By Brands Worldwide 


“We came to Brandmovers with a unique sense of urgency due to the fact that our previous loyalty vendor was suddenly ending their business. Thankfully, we were able to relaunch the Approach program on the Brandmovers platform quickly and efficiently with limited disruption to our customers, program administrators, and overall business.

Not only were we able to seamlessly bring over the best parts of our ongoing Approach program (such as our complex point earning logic, custom rewards, SSO, system integrations, etc.) but we were also able to upgrade the overall experience of the program."

Colleen Clifford


What Makes Us Different? 


Dedication To Strategic Loyalty Design 

We never launch a loyalty program or promotion that follows a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead we conduct dedicated discovery sessions to assess and build a strategy that directly addresses the client's business goals. 

True Focus On Relational Loyalty & Engagement

Most loyalty solutions focus solely on transactional value. We guide clients beyond transactions to omni-channel engagement programs that power growth by building relationships and encouraging behavior. 

Proactive Management Of Program Support Services 

Our in-house teams combined have decades of loyalty and promotional strategy experience, which we use to support client programs across strategic, creative, analytical, administrative, and customer support roles. 

Technology & Solutions That Are Best-In-Class and Deliver Proven ROI

We provide clients with integrated, omni-channel, fully-customizable, and ever-growing platform and solutions, built with modular technology that is designed to fit the unique needs of the customer. 

Data-Driven To Help Clients Grow Long-Term

Like how loyalty is a long-term goal, we use a forward-thinking approach in our work. We are consistently measuring success, using data to find area to improve and amplify our efforts over time. 


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