Customer Rewards Programs

Increase customer retention and strengthen customer affinity with a loyalty rewards and incentive program. Using our rewards management software you can easily identify and motivate loyal customer actions with thousands of valuable rewards.

Rewards Catalog

Rewards Programs for Businesses

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Multiple Options For Rewards

Our expansive catalog includes more than 10,000 reward options, including physical and digital rewards, unique experiences, rebates and cash-back, charitable donations, and more.


Action and Goal-Based Incentives 

A customizable rules engine lets you set specific earning and redeeming rules for individual rewards, user segments, and member tiers.


Start Anytime, Anywhere

Our digital reward platform is available globally and can simply and easily integrate with your systems to provide rewards fulfillment services in over 70 countries.


Customizable Loyalty Program Rewards

Treat your customers with member-only benefits, special earning opportunities, and exclusive rewards such as branded organizational merchandise and member-only experiences.


Learn more about how to use rewards to drive customer engagement and build customer loyalty. 

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User-Friendly Rewards Management Software 

Responsive administrative tools make managing your reward incentive program smoother and easier than ever.

  • Inventory Management – Built-in functionality lets you monitor and control item stock and messaging
  • Rewards and Incentives Fulfillment Services – Record, view, and track all reward issuances, redemption orders, and fulfillment services requests
  • Content and Bonus Management – Create and activate special bonus point promotions based on UPC, date, retailer, or any combination of criteria

Let us help you build the perfect digital rewards platform to drive repeat purchases and deepen relationships with your most valuable customers. 


Use Alongside Our Other Loyalty Solutions

Customer Loyalty And Incentive Tools That Power Success

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Receipt Validation

Securely collect and validate online and offline transactions from multiple vendors and brands. 

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System Integrations

Connect and interact with any IT infrastructure and software system without requiring changes on either end. 

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Tiered Programs

Use tiers and statuses to drive customer engagement and develop targeted offers for specific customer groups. 

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Rewards Catalog

Customize the types of rewards, products, and perks to motivate your unique customer base. 

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Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Dynamic analytics modules provide more valuable insights by letting you segment customer data by multiple points. 

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Communication Tools

Own and manage both automated and manual member communications for promotions, product launches, services, and program updates. 

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