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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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- Rewards Program Software -

Activate your customers with hyper-personalized rewards and offers

The right rewards and perks are how you can stand out from competitors and make each customer feel appreciated for their loyal actions and behaviors. 



Offer more unique and diverse rewards for your customers

Brandmovers' Rewards Hub is a turnkey customer rewards platform with over 100,000+ physical and digital reward options available for redemption. Our rewards catalog is completely customizable, enabling you to offer more valuable, personalized rewards and incentives that resonate with your program members.

Digital & Physical Reward Items
Experiential Rewards
Custom & Branded Merchandise
Charitable Contributions

Make your customer rewards more personalized

The right reward provided to the right person at the right moment can be priceless. The flexibility of our customer rewards software allows you to set up earning rules and triggers that target any number of rewardable consumer actions or behaviors. 

store credit points

Generate unique codes to run special coupon & member offer campaigns 

You can generate unique discount codes or coupons for special member offers directly through the rewards platform. Data segmentation tools allow you to run and test hyper-targeted campaigns for specific member groups using unique discount codes and coupons, while real-time analytics reports display performance data at a glance. 

Idaho lottery loyalty program rewards page and member profile

Bolster your rewards program's value offering with exclusive rebates, partner offers, and discounts

Keep your rewards fresh and exciting by providing members-only access to special partner offers. You can provide customers with exclusive offers and discounts from partner retailers or merchants directly through your rewards program.

Our intuitive rewards platform lets you create and deploy offers on the backend while members can access, redeem, and add their qualifying offers directly on their account - simple as that. 

Omnichannel access to the loyalty program allows members to redeem their partner offers or submit proof of their receipt or UPC code anywhere and at any time. 

Our integrated rewards platform can seamlessly and securely push and pull data from other systems, making it easy to manage any data exchange on the backend.

Go global or stay local - you can incorporate partner offers from nationwide brands and support customer communities by featuring offers from locally-owned businesses. 


Allow loyalty program members to redeem points for sweepstakes or contest entries 

Give your customers the best of both worlds by allowing them to redeem their loyalty points for chances to receive a prize. Our rewards platform software allows you to deploy templated sweepstakes, instant wins, contests, and more to loyalty program members and non-members.

For non-members, sweepstakes and instant wins are used as a funnel to drive loyalty member acquisitions. For loyalty members sweepstakes are another opportunity to engage and potentially earn more rewards. 

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Discover how we help the world's top brands accelerate their customer acquisition and engagement. 


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