Loyalty and Rewards For Financial Services

Financial institutions and service providers can grow customer retention, drive revenue, and increase ROI with an industry-tailored rewards and incentive platform.

We make it easier for finance companies to use open banking APIs to seamlessly and securely connect with customers, promote desirable offers and deals, and build omnichannel customer engagement.

Financial Industry

The Brandmovers Loyalty And Rewards Platform

We provide a modular, scalable, and flexible platform that empowers financial service organizations to build beneficial customer relationships, increase brand awareness, and drive company growth using personalized offers and reward incentives.


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Optimized And Omnichannel 

Successful financial institutions are ones that continue to develop valuable tools and tailored services to customers. Our user-friendly platform lends you the ability to personalize your customer touch points across multiple channels.

You’re able to create and promote new offers, provide educational content and resourcessend member communications and more.


Customizable Build and Design

The flexibility of our content–management system gives you the power to create the perfect combination of member statuses, point-earning structures, rewards systems, and more to delight both current and new customers. And with complete control over the platform appearance, you can easily match the look and feel to your brand.


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Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Our built-in analytics dashboard gives you clear, detailed reports on customer data and activity, program performance, and KPIs so that you can turn program data into actionable customer insights.


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Data Protection And Security

We specialize in creating secure integrations between legacy and partner systems that ensures all captured sensitive financial information is protected. Our PCI compliance status, industry-leading data encryption, and extensive security processes guarantees all customer and company data is transferred safely between any systems, tools, and technologies. 


Valuable Rewards and

Partner Incentives

Create a global rewards system with earning opportunities and rewards for every type of financial customer. Our offer management platform also allows you to implement partner-based rewards and deals, giving your customers the maximum amount of value for their loyal purchases and actions.


Loyalty Partner

The Loyalty Partner You Can Rely On

From beginning to end, we’re with you every step of the way when strategizing, building, and executing your loyalty program. Combining years of experience with our specialized expertise, we ensure your program follows best practices, is legally compliant, and built for continued success.