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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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Create digital promotions that garner attention., motivate action., trigger insights.

Brandmovers' full-service consumer promotions & engagement platform helps you deliver powerful and enticing digital experiences. 




Trusted By Brands Worldwide 


Programs Launched


Interactions Yearly


In Rewards and Prizes Won or Redeemed

Promotions for each and every experience

If you're looking to launch a new product, activate your audiences across social channels, or drive consumer acquisition and enrollments, our promotions can provide that
 extra spark to your marketing campaigns.


Strategically Designed

Grow Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation

Through strategic deployment of promotions and loyalty programs, we can activate consumers at every stage of their relationship with your brand - from the initial discovery of your brand through purchase and to becoming a brand advocate.

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Performance Insights

Capture Valuable First- and Zero-Party Consumer Data

Actionable analytics & reporting dashboards combine all your data in one place. 

With our Promotions Platform brands can capture valuable transactional and behavioral consumer data leading to deeper understanding of their customers: what they buy, why they participated, what they love and enjoy about key products, and more. 

Our Promotions Platform gathers, stores, and displays promotional data for in-house analysis and interpretation, and for easy use in future marketing endeavors. 

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Detailed Data Points Capture

Collect valuable 1st- and zero-party data such as registration & demographic info; purchase data and frequency; geo-location insights; engagement behavior like time spent on site; social sharing and referrals; and more.  

Real-Time Performance Tracking

Robust backend dashboards and analytics tools funnel site data, database activity, tags, and more into real-time analytics reports, so you can track program performance at any time. 

Secure Data Exports

Full data exports can be made in many formations for further analysis. Data exports are made available on our secure servers and are encrypted for security risks. 



Easy To Integrate

Combine With The Tech and Tools You Love

Our technology is built to seamlessly integrate with any tech stack, making structured data translation and transfer easy and secure. 

Along with being PCI certified, our deep experience with enterprise-level API integrations makes us uniquely capable of securely handling sensitive data like PII, cardholder data, etc. We actively partner and integrate with 3rd-party systems, and use our open RESTful JSON APIs and pre-built endpoints to push and pull data from other systems such as ERPs, Apps, BI Tools, CRMs, etc. 

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Secure Data Management

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Our team has decades worth of experience securing and protecting online programs. We've developed our own techniques and technology for proactively detecting and filtering out fraud so we can ensure the integrity of your users' personal information.

  • PCI Compliant Guidelines + Ability 
  • Fraud Monitoring & Detection
  • IP Detection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Backgrounds Checks
  • Address Verification
  • Data Encryption

Full-Service Promotion Administration

Promotion Administration Services

Turnkey global support ensures your promotion gets up and running faster with little to no hassle. 

Legal Terms + Conditions

Drafting of program's Official Rules based on structure. Bonding and registering in states where required and as needed based on prize amounts. 

Prize Fulfillment

Prizing and rewards procurement and fulfillment of digital items, physical rewards, branded merchandise, special experiences and trip planning, and more.

Winner Administration

Winner verification and communications, including handling winner affidavits of eligibility & liability releases as needed. 


Discover how we help the world's top brands accelerate their customer acquisition and engagement. 


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