Program Strategy and Design

Improve your existing program and launch new initiatives that deliver deeper levels of engagement and loyalty.

Design Strategy

Measure Value Across Four Dimensions

Transaction–based loyalty programs work against you by focusing on buying customer relationships through discounts. Strategic program design works for you through building relationships with your customers.

Brandmovers’ model for building long–term loyalty and strong customer relationships starts with establishing economic value, creating sources of engagement, and offering experiences that together nurture an emotional connection to your brand.

Differentiate Your Program & Drive Success

Instead of putting time and money into traditional tactics, we work with you to design a smarter, more intuitive loyalty program that delivers more value to your target audiences, gives you a competitive advantage against other organizations, and dramatically improves your business results.

Empower Your Team With Design Capabilities

Learn how to develop a design mindset and apply an ongoing, continuous design strategy that helps your program evolve to meet the needs and wants of your customers. 

Design Capabilities

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Our Process

Our loyalty strategists apply research-supported frameworks that will dramatically improve customer relationships with your brand while facilitating continuous growth and improvement.



Align organizational goals and values with program objectives.



Assess critical components that influence program design.

Design tools


Build out loyalty program business model and mechanics.



Deliver program business plan, technical scope, and launch plan.

Design Services

Whether you’re looking for a program health–check, the complete redesign of an existing program, or to start a new, full–scale program design and build, we will help you achieve your goals


  • Align culture and values
  • Target customer & employee insights
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Competitor scan


  • Focus groups
  • Facilitated design meetings
  • Prototyping rules structure


  • Past program performance data evaluation
  • Financial modeling and program calculator
  • ROI forecasting
  • KPI refinement
  • Segmentation using adjacent data

Marketing / OPs Plan

  • Pilot, launch, and roll–out planning
  • Ongoing engagement communications
  • Gamification and promotions
  • Creative direction and design
  • Technology integration plan


  • Learn our proprietary engagement model and process
  • Gain self–sufficiency in strategy and design


  • Select and combine the exact services you need

Manage Your Way

Operate on your own or utilize our management services


Ongoing Program Strategy
Ensure program success

  • Launch & ongoing communication plan
  • Rules structure evaluation & refinement
  • KPI analytics
  • Strategic program reviews 
  • Internal team training & alignment

Full–Service Program Management
Turnkey operations

  • Ongoing project/account management
  • Budget optimization


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