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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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- Program Strategy & Design -

Discover how strategic program design can empower your teams and delight your customers  

Whether you’re looking for a program health–check, the complete redesign of an existing program, or to start a new, full–scale program design and build, Brandmovers will help you design the program that drives results. 

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Launch A Program Designed To Succeed

From the start, our loyalty strategists work with you to design a smarter, more intuitive loyalty program that delivers more value to your target audiences, gives you a competitive advantage against other organizations, and dramatically improves your business results.


Brandmovers Program Design Methodology

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1. Foundational Principles Of Design

We follow 8 guiding principles for successful loyalty program implementations, rooted in customer experience and best practices. 

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2. Framework for Ongoing Design 

Our 4-phase methodology is an agile process with stage gates that allow for alignment and refinement. It considers internal, customer, and marketplace factors to produce a recommended design and/or redesign. 

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2. Aspirational Metrics

Using our 4 dimensions of value we outline ideal-state measurement for best-in-class programs. We will work with your team to establish goals for each key metric and build our online dashboards accordingly.


Program Design Process

Objectives Alignment


  • Goals - gain upfront alignment of goals and gathering input to establish objectives and guardrails.
  • Stakeholder Insights - conduct stakeholder interviews to identify audience insights and highest value behaviors for each audience segment.
  • Scope - define program goals and success metrics, both qualitative and quantitative



Insights & Analysis


We assess all the critical components that will feed into the upcoming program design phase, such as financial performance reviews and defining audience demographics and other persona attributes for segmentation purposes.

  • Company
  • Culture
  • Customer
  • Competition
  • Cost/Benefit

Design & Journey Mapping


  • Structure - Finalize program rules, tiering structure and terms & conditions. 
  • Value Proposition - establish brand alignment and persona-based value proposition, messaging, KPIs and goals. 
  • Technical Requirements & Scope - establish timeline for phased approach and timeline for implementing new features and evolving program.
  • Rewards Recommendations - determine rewards strategy,  hard & soft member benefits, and member engagement opportunities. 
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Launch & Roll-Out


  • Marketing & Communications Plan - establish detailed, multi-channel marketing & communications plan covering entire member lifecycle from enrollment to re-activation. 
  • Launch & Roll-Out - deliver full program launch and execution plan including recommended technical scope, service, and ongoing support. 
  • KPI Scorecard - deliver final rules structure recommendations and KPI/metrics measurement plan, and financial model showing earnings and lift.

Design Model

The PAVE Engagement Model™

The PAVE Engagement Model™ is Brandmovers's proprietary diagnostic tool that helps brands create roadmaps for growing deeper levels of engagement and loyalty among the program audience by identifying and prioritizing the different behavioral drivers that motivate people to act. This survey-based insights tool creates a brand connection index that will help focus effort and deliver impactful business results."

PAVE model



The brand's values and the individual's beliefs are aligned. The consumer trusts the brand implicitly and is a passionate brand advocate. 


The individual genuinely buys brand products to complement their lifestyle and because they personally identify with the brand's meaning or purpose, which forms brand affinity. 


The individual is happy with the current value and financial benefits they receive and are excited about the potential for growth. They feel recognized by the brand and truly appreciated for their achievements. 



The brand's products and offerings are relevant to the individual and readily available. The brand helps provide what the individual needs to be successful and they feel confident in their ability to achieve their goals with the brand. 


Lifecycle Engagement Strategy & Planning

The work doesn't end once your program launches. We help ensure your program has a strong foundation for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers by creating an engagement plan that covers the entire customer relationship lifecycle. 

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Welcome & onboarding communications & emails, paid search, social and promotional executions. 


Member-centric content, fresh and high-perceived value rewards, growth offers, anniversary & birthday recognitions, product trials. 


Member personalization using data integrations, gamification opportunities, interactive digital promotions, surprise and delight offers and rewards. 


Reactivation campaigns with personal, 1-1 appeal. Edutainment videos and content, "Coming Soon" announcements, special offers. 


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