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Seven Strategies For Promoting Your Loyalty Program 

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Understanding The Value and ROI Of Customer Loyalty Programs
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- User Experience & Design -

Design customer journeys that align to your goals and nurture customer relationships  


Drawing on years of loyalty strategy and design expertise, we build client programs with clearly-defined user journeys meant to delight and activate customers each step of the way, from first sign-up to full-fledged customer advocacy. 


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Customer-Centric Loyalty Program Design

At Brandmovers our experience has proven that long-lasting, revenue-driving customer loyalty is formed nurturing emotional connections between brands and their customers. As such we always  approach user-experience design with two goals in mind: ensuring the program aligns with brand values while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, and incorporating emotional levers that build customer connections with the brand. 

Intuitive & Mobile

Designed natively for touch, mobile, and desktop, we ensure each aspect of the program lays a clear path for action for the customer to take. 

Gamified Experience

Streamlined UX easily communicates the customer's current status and their next steps using at-a-glance features that can expand with more detail.

Micro-Motivations That Drive Engagement 

Our programs are built to motivate user action through personalized engagement options such as  interactive content, time-bound promotions, offers, and games, and news and updates trackers. 

UX Design Objectives

We enable customers to accomplish what they wanted to do within your program while at the same time aligning their actions towards your business goals. 

Immediate Feedback

Give members timely and relevant updates using real-time status tracking and member dashboards, progress push notifications, and emails. 

Frictionless Enrollment

Reduce effort on the member's side with minimum entry requirements and automatic leveraging of any existing customer data to complete sign-up. 

Empower Member Achievement

Ensure members have access to resources, guides, and community resources to help them maximize their participation and achieve their goals

Connect With Emotions

Create and deliver content, videos, and other media that engages members and connects to them on an emotional level to drive excitement, delight, surprise, loss aversions, FOMO, and appreciation. 

Seamless Support

Ensure that finding and receiving customer support is easy for both the user and the supporting staff by empowering support staff with programs insights and enhancements. 

Call To Action

Drive desirable customers actions or behaviors with CTAs that convey clarity and urgency, and require as few clicks or steps on the member's part as possible. 


Modular Toolkit

UX Wireframe Template Library

Our platform is built to be modular and flexible, and our asset library utilizes interchangeable components that may be fit to any template. With our library of wireframe templates clients can create a loyalty program framework that both supports their strategic goals and aligns with their brand's creative look and feel. 

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