Receipt Validation

Leveraging a combination of systematic and human factors, our receipt validation platform provides industry-leading value, flexibility, and reliability.


How It Works



User accounts are created so customers can upload purchases. Our validation platform can be integrated via SSO with existing programs or operate as standalone, what best suits your needs.

receipt validation


Receipts are submitted via any channel (email, text, website, mail, etc.). Automated security checks identify potential fraud and hard/soft stop protocols protect the integrity of sales data.

sales data


Sales data from validated receipts is captured and logged, and users are awarded their points/prizing/entries within 48 hours. 

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Easy To Implement

The flexibility of our platform lets you incorporate receipt validation into your company process in any way you choose. You can utilize it as separate tool or completely integrate into your existing sales and marketing platforms.

  • Digital Promotions - Attract consumer interest by allowing customers to submit receipts for chances to win a sweepstakes or game 

  • Rewards Catalog - Offer more value to purchasing customers by providing rewards or exclusive products for validated receipts

  • CRM Tools - Incorporate receipt data directly into your analytics tools for deeper insights into what customers are buying and where

Or Bundle Even More Products With Great Features

The Loyalty And Incentive Tools That Power Your Business

Receipt Validation

Securely collect and validate online and offline transactions from multiple vendors and brands. 

System Integrations

Connect and interact with any IT infrastructure and software system without requiring changes on either end. 

Tiered Programs

Use tiers and statuses to drive customer engagement and develop targeted offers for specific customer groups. 

Rewards Catalog

Customize the types of rewards, products, and samples to fit your unique customer base. 

Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Dynamic analytics modules provide more valuable insights by letting you segment customer data by multiple points. 

Communication Tools

Own and manage both automated and manual member communications for promotions, product launches, services, and program updates.