Receipt Validation Technology

Our proprietary customer validation platform ValidSpend™ offers industry–leading receipt scanning capabilities, enabling brands to capture valuable purchase data and reward their best customers.

Receipt scanning technology that drives results

Next–Generation Customer Validation Platform 

From standalone activations to ongoing customer programs, ValidSpend easily scans and validates receipts containing multiple types of purchase- and non–purchase submissions, all while providing real–time access to key purchase data and basket insights.

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Easy To Use Receipt Validation Software



Our receipt validation platform can be implemented to best suit your needs, such as integrated via SSO with existing programs or set up to operate separately. Once user accounts are created,  customers can upload submissions, check statuses, and review history. 

receipt validation


Transactions are submitted via any channel (email, text, website, mail, etc.). Automated security checks identify and report potential fraud and hard/soft stop protocols protect the integrity of your sales data.

sales data


Data points from validated receipts are captured and logged in real–time. Users receive their designated rewards (points, prizes, physical items, game entries, etc.) either instantly or within 48 hours. 


Top Receipt Scanning Program Features

ValidSpend's flexible platform leverages a cloud–hosting infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with your existing sales and marketing tech, allowing you to incorporate image validation for your business needs.

  • Machine Learning Technology – Our validation process uses AI techniques to understand product performance, recognize shopping patterns, and improve strategic recommendations and predictions. 
  • Usable Business Intelligence – Easy–to–digest analytics reports and data visualizations help you turn consumer insights into action in less time. 
  • Multiple Applications – Multi–channel and multi–format validation technology is simple to implement and scale for any application, including sweepstakes, loyalty programs, rebate, in-store promotions, contests, and more. 
  • Fraud Mitigation & Security – ValidSpend is designed to proactively detect and filter out fraud, while built–in security measures ensures the protection of your users' personal information. 

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