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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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- Receipt & Image Validation -

ValidSpend™ -
Receipt Validation Platform

Leverage best-in-class receipt scanning software to discover key insights into consumer purchase patterns and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.



Next–Generation Receipt Validation Technology 

From standalone activations to ongoing customer programs, ValidSpend easily scans and validates receipts containing multiple types of transactional and non-transactional submissions, all while providing real-time access to key purchase data and basket insights.


Tap Into Consumer Purchase Data To Drive Business Growth

Brandmovers specializes in helping B2C and B2B brands strategically leverage receipt validation to understand customer purchase patterns, incentivize favorable behaviors, and create more personalized customer engagements that grow customer loyalty and retention. Our image validation technology is user-friendly and customizable, making it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Validate Multiple Data Points Per Submission

ValidSpend can validate against multiple data points and process 2 or more images per submission. Purchase data is captured at the SKU-level and matched with a UPC code, providing better product segmentation, competitor item insights, and basket analysis. 

rules sets
Build Dynamic Rule Sets Around Customer Attributes

Brandmovers receipt validation tools enables marketers to query and segment hyper-specific metadata for building out customer workflows and triggered communications to incentivize repeat purchases. 

Provide An Omnichannel Activation Experience

ValidSpend allows for multichannel access, giving customers the option to upload submissions via mobile app, SMS/MMS text, website, email, and more. 


Detailed receipt data extraction & basket intelligence 

Collect actionable purchase data and access full basket scope

Validspend can verify multiple image types including physical or digital receipts, invoices, QR codes, bar codes, UPCs, and more. Utilizing next-generation optical character recognition (OCR) technology and machine learning, it can extract, transcribe, and classify as much “structured” or “unstructured” data off of a receipt as desired.

The platform's built-in analytics tools segment and categorize the data based on predefined data points. This enables clients to easily understand basket analysis breakdowns and build targeted marketing campaigns using purchase data insights. 

basket analysis - shopping
Decode Receipt SKUs 

Automation dependent on retailer usages of UPC codes; all other retailers dependent on decoding SKUs and/or product descriptions. 

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Increase Machine Learning

Each text and image submission enables ValidSpend to further develop data intelligence and automation through machine learning.

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ID Extended Products

The system can identify in-category and out-of-category SKUs through lookups based on frequency. 

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Extract Data For Internal Analytics

All raw receipt data is extractable from Brandmovers' data hub for client's internal use.


Best-In Class Security & Fraud Mitigation

Brandmovers's receipt verification technology leverages an orchestrated cloud hosting infrastructure through Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support high levels of traffic. We have been protecting online programs for years and developed our own technology for proactively detecting and filtering out fraud and protecting the integrity of users’ personal information (PII). All PII is secured in transmission by SSL and is encrypted before it's inserted into the DB cluster. 

security image - soc update
Fraud Detection

 - Home Grown IP Address White and Black List
 - IP Frequency Checking
 - Home Grown Email Domain White and Black List 
 - Email Domain Frequency Checking
 - Home Grown Email Address Black List—CAPTCHA

Security Options

The ValidSpend system can support numerous "hard" and "soft" stops to prevent common techniques for gaming the system (Photoshopped images, duplicate receipts, etc.). These stops are configurable based on the business rules of the program, risk tolerance, client preference, and more. 

Flagging & Moderation

Submissions flagged as “suspicious” or that trigger a fraud alert enter a manual moderation bucket until they are approved or denied by an administrator. Rejected submissions can be accompanied by default or custom rejection messaging to the user. 



Leverage Receipt Scanning For Any Application

ValidSpend's flexible design leverages a cloud-hosting infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with your existing sales and marketing tech stack, allowing you to utilize receipt scanning for any purpose.

Easy to implement and scale, you can incorporate receipt validation for customer loyalty programs, rewards programs, sweepstakes, rebate programs, in-store promotions or offers, contests, and more. 

Implementation Models


Capture and Validation

The capture and validation model features a single-user experience with direct multi-channel capture of receipts, as well as unlimited data point capture. Integrations for payload, single sign-on, and standalone reporting dashboards are also included.


Full Stack Experience

The full stack experience model features receipt validation as the core earn mechanic within a loyalty platform, whereas marketers can capture actionable first-party data and run SKU or UPC code based segmented promotions.


Discover how we help the world's top brands accelerate their customer acquisition and engagement. 


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