Learning Management System Solutions

Drive performance with our digital training and learning management platform for future–focused businesses, learning institutions, and organizations. 

Learning Management System

Engage, Educate, And Elevate

The Brandmovers Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy for companies and organizations to create, distribute, and incentivize training and educational content for students, employees, sales teams, DSRs, and customers. 

rewards LMS

Incentivize Course & Content Completion

Brandmovers LMS interfaces with all of our loyalty, incentive, promotions and employee engagement platforms, making it easy to tie in bonus points and gamification elements for completing coursework.

LMS mobile

Flexible, On–The–Go Experience

Our easy learning management system is universally accessible across desktop and mobile devices, allowing users and instructors access to their learning materials at anytime and from anywhere.


LMS course build

Powerful Authoring Tools

Built–in authoring tools and resources allow for full–course creation and let you set up dynamic structured learning pathways for students by groups, subject matter, departments, or other criteria.


LMS build design

Create & Scale

Customize the type, number, and media format of all your course listings, from bite–sized review sessions to fully–expanded certified training programs.

The LMS's centralized platform makes it easy to rapidly adapt and scale your educational offerings in response to changing organizational needs, allowing you to maintain consistent, high–quality sources of learning. 


LMS analytics

Connect Learning With Performance

Understand how education and training drives performance by tapping into rich data analytics. You can monitor student progress reports, view completion results or achievements, and analyze learning patterns to see how learning impacts your organizational goals. 


Streamline Productivity

Enhance the learner experience by seamlessly integrating our LMS into your existing software and systems. With an integrated LMS you can track leads, provide incentive offers and rewards, and get a holistic view of learner profiles.

Our platforms allows for single–sign on (SSO) enabling secure access for all users, administrators, and course creators. 

Establish A Branded Education–Centered Presence

Be recognized as a knowledge leader among customers, vendors, and internal teams. Using an LMS you can provide up–to–date training resources and accredited certifications on new industry regulations, compliance policies, and health & safety guidelines. 



Multiple Use Cases


  • Offer corporate training sessions and new–employee on–boarding

  • Incorporate Human Resources compliance modules and/or HRIS integrations 


  • Ensure customers get the maximum value post–purchase with product manuals, usage materials, and product benefits guides

  • Provide a guidance center for new product features and updates  

Channel Partners

  • Strengthen your relationships with channel partners by providing educational incentives and resources for increasing their familiarity and expertise of your brand and products 

  • Offer rewards and exclusive benefits for channel partners who complete courses

Sales Teams

  • Empower and motivate your sales reps or DSRs to succeed with incentivized learning and training modules

  • Help them align their product knowledge and drive sales readiness forward 

LMS features

Main Features


Interactive Admin Panel
Easily manage user credentials, roles, learning modules, and operational tasks 

Multi–Language Support
Supports localization and translation for multiple languages

Community Forums & Internal Message Center
Enable collaborative group learning for students and give instructors opportunities for one–on–one office hours using private messages

Blog Management
A full–fledge, SEO–friendly blog manager lets you publish posts, articles, and other types of content for users to view and share

Secure Payment Options
Credit Card, Stripe, Coupon & Code Redemption, Offline Payment Methods

Site Layout & Design Manager
Choose from responsively–designed layout options to customize the look and feel of website pages, FAQs, hero sliders, menus, testimonials, and more

User–Friendly Dashboards
Teachers can easily manage courses, exercises, and assessments; students are able to browse and enroll in classes, complete lessons, edit profiles, and see earned certificates/badges

Newsletter Subscription
Integrate with Mailchimp or other email vendors to manage user subscriptions and communications

Technical Documentation & Support
Our LMS provides detailed onboarding documentation and the option for continuous site support and updates