Aquatrols: B2B Manufacturer Loyalty

Aquatrols is the world leader in the development of cutting-edge soil surfactants. Through its Approach Loyalty Program operated by Brandmovers, Aquatrols is able to successfully drive sales growth while engaging and rewarding its customers.


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Key Program Highlights



Distributors of Aquatrols products provide their sales data to a third party data aggregator. Next, the data aggregator sends that transactional data back to Aquatrols and Brandmovers. This allows Brandmovers to create unique point earning mechanics within a loyalty program without requiring any additional effort from the customer.

Within the program, customers are able to earn points for purchases, off-season activities, product category bonuses, and more. Customers are then able to redeem accrued points for items of their choosing including merchandise, credits, donations, and gift cards.B2B Loyalty Platform Dashboard

Program Objectives

Category Growth

Aquatrols is able to encourage its customers to purchase in all three of its product categories (Water Management, Active Ingredients, & Nutritionals) instead of just one by using Brandmovers' Category Bonus functionality to award additional bonus points for any cross-category purchases.

Off-season Purchases

Turf-related products are typically purchased seasonally when grass is growing fastest. To combat any seasonality to their sales, Aquatrols uses the Brandmovers platform to reward double points from October through March which drastically influences consumer behavior and rewards forward-thinking customers that pre-purchase for the year ahead.

Engaged Customers

Aquatrols is able to continually motivate and engage its most valued customers through its Approach program after introducing a refreshed dynamic rewards selection; launching Single Sign-On app; delivering consistent communication; and creating relevant dashboards.

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Keys to Program Success 

Sales Rep Inclusion

Aquatrols' internal sales reps are their own member category within the Approach program and are also able to earn points and redeem. This increases their familiarity with the program so they're better equipped to leverage loyalty as a unique differentiator during customer meetings.

Integrated Experience

Using API feeds, SFTP data transfers, and Single Sign-On allows for ease of use and access for everyone in the program, from customers to sales reps to Approach program administrators.

Marketing Efforts

By making the Approach program messaging a focal point on their website (including a dynamic points and EOP Bonus calculator), Aquatrols is able to maximize loyalty program enrollments.

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