Loyalty Programs and Solutions for Distributors

Across the industry distributors are facing growing competition and changing customer expectations. At Brandmovers we help distributors differentiate themselves through customized loyalty solutions that help attract new users, drive purchase frequency, and build long-term customer loyalty. 

Distribution Industry
Loyalty Technology

Attract & Retain Customers

As distributors face evolving markets and tougher challenges, focusing on customer loyalty and retention becomes even more important. With the Brandmovers loyalty program you can deliver a superior customer loyalty experience that helps you differentiate yourself from competitors and create value–driven relationships with your customers.

Our customizable, modular platform makes it easy to build, manage, and scale all your loyalty program initiatives from one central location.

Analytics Dashboard

Collect Usable Data & Insights

Start using data more effectively to achieve business objectives. Our dynamic reporting and analytics dashboards let you track sales performance and redemption activity in real–time, and tie program performance to your specific KPIs.

Our platform can securely connect to any third–party system via API or customized integrations so you can pull and use business data for decision making.


VIP perks

Strategically Drive Business Goals

Using our loyalty program you can create custom tiers or statuses that motivate loyal customer behaviors using valuable reward incentives like VIP perks, better pricing, and referral credits. You can also launch promotional campaigns to drive specific goals, such as increasing purchase frequency or driving cross–selling across product categories.


Create Value–Added Services

Deepen your customer relationships by positioning your business as the go–to source for the products and services they need. With a loyalty program you can incorporate business partnerships to offer customers exclusive packages or deals, provide more in–depth product knowledge and support, and create other value–added services that work to promote your brand.


Connect & Communicate With Customers

Our platform’s communications hub lets you connect and communicate directly with end–users and customers via email, SMS, and other channels. You can push out relevant news and updates, send triggered emails based on specific user actions, and create more personalized customer messaging to help drive program engagement.


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