B2C Lottery Loyalty Program


How Brandmovers partnered with a major lottery client to deliver a world-class experience for their customers through digital engagements, entertainment, relevancy, and personalization while tying together their CRM, technology design, and data.

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Key Program Highlights

Promotions Builder lets admins create and manage multiple promotions at once

Gamification and Second-Chance Promotions increase player engagement and retention

Custom reporting provides in-depth insights into player behavior and demographics  


The client's existing loyalty club had grown significantly since its original launch and needed significant functionality updates and improvements for both the front-end website experience and the platform backend. 


The Challenge

Brandmovers was tasked with: 

  • Creating a world-class experience for customers by incorporating more engagement, entertainment, relevancy, and personalization into the loyalty program. 
  • Increasing the connectivity between the client's CRM, technology, and data warehouse.
  • Updating the loyalty management tools and the current website's user interface to make it more effective and the lottery more efficient
  • Creating more cohesiveness between the client's VIP customer club and the main lottery website


The Solution

To accomplish the client goals, Brandmovers updated the client's management tools and user interface of their previous website to make it more effective and the Lottery more efficient. With the Brandmovers Loyalty Platform, the client can now provide a first-rate experience for their players through features such as automatic points earnings and exclusive engagement opportunities. Elevated program analytics and data integrations enables the client to identify and understand the purchase behaviors of players who purchase at retail locations and utilize that data for specific campaigns.  

The upgraded platform backend makes it easy for platform Admins to manage program initiatives, create and launch second-chance promotions and sweepstakes, create triggered player communications, and more.



The new loyalty program dramatically improved the functionality and user experience on both the front end and the back end. The platform's analytics capabilities gives the client direct access to even more customer data and purchasing insights than ever before, allowing them to create more targeted promotions and offers. Traffic to the site increased over 6X more than previous years. 

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