Loyalty Solutions for Industrial Suppliers


If you’re a supplier, OEM, or manufacturer, you can use a loyalty and incentive program to power sales growth and increase customer retention.

A loyalty program provides a direct link to your buyers and gives you new opportunities to identify, attract, and engage with your most valuable customers. 

Manufacturing Industry Loyalty
Loyalty Platform

The Brandmovers Loyalty And Rewards Platform

Amidst growing global competition and evolving customer trends, it’s more important than ever for B2B companies to find ways to differentiate themselves.

We provide a modular, scalable, and data-driven platform that helps suppliers and B2B companies grow customer relationships, increase sales, and drive market growth using personalized offers and reward incentives. 


Manufacturing System Integrations

Easily Integrate & Scale

We specialize in helping businesses create seamless, secure integrations between legacy and partner systems. Our integration solutions will connect your loyalty platform to your existing tools and technologies so you can leverage all company, product, and customer data at the same time.


Flexible & Multifunctional Program

Our flexible platform build gives you the power to fully customize your program design to fit your loyalty strategy. Create the perfect combination of tiers and status levels, point-earning structure, member rewards and benefits, and more to delight your end-customers, channel partners, and distributors.


Connect & Communicate

Successfully develop customer relationships by personalizing your service interactions. Our user-friendly platform gives you the ability to tailor your customer touch points across multiple channels. You’re able to provide product-based content and resources, create and promote new offers, send member communications, and more.


Analytics Dash

Tailored Reporting & Analytics

Capturing and understanding customer data helps B2B companies develop more personalized offers and product recommendations. Our built-in, automated reporting and analytics tools help turn program data into actionable customer insights.

Dynamic, interactive dashboards give you clear reports on program KPIs, offer activations and redemptions performance, and all member data and activity.


Provide Valuable Rewards, Rebates, & Partner Incentives

Create a rewards or rebate system with earning opportunities and offers tailored specifically for your channel partners, distributors, and end-customers.

Our offer management platform also allows you to incorporate rewards and deals with vendor partners, giving your program members the maximum amount of value for their loyal purchases and actions.


Brand Loyalty Partner

The Loyalty Partner You Can Rely On

From beginning to end, we’re with you every step of the way when strategizing, building, and executing your loyalty program. Combining years of experience with our specialized expertise, we ensure your program follows best practices, is legally compliant, and built for continued success.


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